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Catesby Aero Research Facility

jhai’s North & West Midlands Region is proud to be providing Building Control to West Midlands construction and civil engineering firm Stepnell for Aero Research Partners (ARP) new Catesby Aero Research Facility (CARF).

This is a technologically advanced facility for aerodynamic testing set to attract car industry and motorsports customers from around the world. The remodelling of the 2.7km long 1897 built tunnel into a smooth asphalt road will deliver a unique, highly controlled test environment allowing vehicles to reach speeds of over 100mph and enabling accurate assessment of vehicle performance, aerodynamics, noise, emissions, and cooling. The tunnel will also be fitted with automated turntables at either end to allow for return testing.

As well as the tunnel and research centre, the new facility will also feature a 4.5 acre science park with offices and workshops.

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