Merger of Northampton into the Nottingham office

Recent technological advancements at jhai, including the introduction of an industry leading mobile app has enabled our Managing Surveyors to work more remotely and safely. This has led jhai to review the efficiency of our real estate portfolio and how best we use our office network.

Following this review, jhai have decided to merge the Northampton administration into the Nottingham office that will now serve the whole of the Midlands.

Chairman Matt Read explains “At jhai we are fully committed to the Northampton and South Midlands Region. Our decision only involves closing the ‘brick and mortar’ and not our presence in the region. We have recently strengthened the team and are actively recruiting more Managing Surveyors here and across England and Wales as jhai continues to expand its industry leading Service”.

Lynsey Weldon, jhai’s Nottingham and South Midlands Regional Manager continues “Our Northampton contact details will remain in place, apart from not having a physical office our service coverage remains the same”, “The increased resources provided by the Nottingham office will enable jhai to stay at the forefront of Building Control. We will continue to provide our current and future Northampton and South Midlands clients with high-quality services and CPD events”.

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